Sunday, 23 March 2008

Long weekend put to use

I got the loom warped and was able to start weaving. I've got a homemade temple hooked up to see what it would do. It really does make the selvedge edges less dense, although the draw in is the same. I've 15 inches woven already. It is sooo pretty, at least on the loom. For some reason I wove my sample and then didn't take it off the loom to wet finish and check out.. I've no idea why I didn't follow my normal weaving protocol, but I'll hope for the best. My biggest worry is that my SETT might be a tad too close. Weaving off my sample and being able to examine it close up and wet finish it would have told me all that I needed to know. At any rate, I love the texture and look of diamond twills. On the loom, this is one awesome fabric and I wish that perhaps I had more of this yarn to do a larger piece of fabric. This would make a lovely shirt.. for moi!

I've planted this year's crop of Madder, some rosemary, basil and tarragon. The cilantro, weld and woad will be planted in a couple of weeks as they don't seem to need the same start time as the others. Of course nothing is growing yet, but it's planted and I can check several times a day to see if anything sprouts. I've found that madder seeds seem to take at least 14-18 days to germinate. Rosemary is not only slow to germinate but slow to grow. I've never actually been able to get a rosemary seedling large enough to provide any flavour from my own seedlings but it is fun anyway. Lavender is another plant I haven't had a ton of luck germinating from seed myself. I've got one plant in my garden that I started from seed. I need a couple more this year but will just buy them. I'll buy my tomatoes as well. I do have some fancy lettuce seeds and rocket seeds for early planting, but since my garden beds are under at least a foot of snow, I'm not even thinking about it yet.

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