Monday, 4 February 2008

It seems like forever

It seems like forever since I've updated this. I spent the weekend at a friends place a couple of weekends ago. We had a lovely time and when my husband picked me up, he informed me that my "new" computer wouldn't boot up or if it did, it just showed the horrible blue screen of death. After much fussing and getting "people" to check it out, after finding out the waiting list to get it just looked at by the pros at the store, hubby decided to install a new hard drive to see if that was it. It was the cheapest and easiest fix he could think of and we could always use a second hard drive if it wasn't the problem.
While this was all happening we found the old computer in a corner and ressurrected it. Slow, ungainly and fussy, I was able to reset all my important bits of info and life went on. The new Hard drive did the trick and I was informed that my computer was up and running again. So happily I started moving all the info over again. Reseting it all in 2 weeks is a pain, but at least it is almost done. Plus boy who bangs the computer desk when frustrated has been given the old computer and hopefully mine will be happy for a long while.

While this was all happening I was working on .... the following....
my Kirtle bodice, which I left at my friends place, although I had wanted to bring it home to handstitch and get it ready for the eyelets and skirt! It is a very lovely shade of corally pink. I've actually got some madder dyed wool that is that exact shade. Reminder to all and especially to self.. when you have small bobbins of obscure coloured thread for a particular project, remember to remove them from your pocket before washing your jeans. I'm still trying to cut the jeans and a shirt out from the spiralled thread!

I have also been spinning. "Quel Surprise!" Black shetland wool on my new Kromski. The only thing is that I hadn't been certain what I was going to do with this yarn and started spinning without a plan. I was also watching a hockey game. Since this wheel spins so smoothly, I wasn't really paying attenting. The singles were really thinner than I wanted them to be. By plying I was able to bring it up to about 1500 yards per lb. I was considering weaving it as singles again, but they were pretty thin and without tons of twist, so I plied it. It is fairly soft and looks good plied. The cat likes it.

I've also been working on hubby's new fencing doublet. I've been drafting it from scratch, using his measurements. It has been a bit slow going for a bunch of reasons including; lack of fabric, lack of tested linings, learning curve and the total lack of incentive to clean off the table and make space in my work room to get sewing again. Spinning and planning weaving projects does interefere somewhat too for some reason. The pattern shapes are lovely though. Of course the cat had to investigate as well.

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