Wednesday, 16 January 2008

It's Done! ( Wheel update)

The hat is finished. The colours are a little washed out, due to the flash. I figured it is a hat and really didn't want to spend the time manipulating light sources to get the lighting perfect. It's pretty. It's really warm. It's going to be too big for anyone else, but should cover the recipient's dreadlocks nicely. It's finished before July, which is a real bonus. All the loose thread ends are woven in and everything! I'm very happy that at least some of my kids appreciate hand spun, hand made items of clothing.


I went out to Gemini Fibres last week to try out spinning wheels. They had a Kromski Minstrel in stock which I ended up bringing home with me. It purrs like a kitten. It spins so nicely and quietly. One evening, I was spinning away and I was asked why I wasn't spinning on my new wheel! It is pretty as well. The Minstrel has no plastic parts. It is wood, metal and leather parts. It is easy to adjust. I had one minor problem when I got it. One of the bobbins rattled something awful on Scotch Tension. While that bobbin was quiet using double drive, I couldn't get the tension adjusted enough to ply on it. However, handy hubby poked at the brass bushing and poof.. it works like a dream now.

I've mainly been playing with different fibres and ways of spinning on it to learn how it all works. Right now I'm spinning silk hankies on it. I just spun up the last of the grey icelandic/shetland mix leftover from my grey gown project. As well some unknown bright pink wool roving and some black shetland, which may be destined for singles, if they are strong enough.
My only complaint, if it could be considered that, is that the bobbins are considerably larger than the Ashford bobbins. It takes longer to fill them! Is that good or bad? Depends I guess if you're in an instant gratification mood and want that bobbin filled now! :)
It isn't quite as portable as the Ashford Traveller and certainly not as portable as the Lendrum I tried, but the sweetness of this wheel really makes up for it. This is likely my stay at home wheel anyway.
I'm very happy that Gemini Fibres is quite a long drive from here. I'd spend way too much $ there otherwise. For a tiny little store, the service is great and the selection is excellent. They do mail order as well.


Dreams of Yarn said...

Love your minstrel, I have one as well!! I'm heading up to Gemini this weekend to pick up my new Kromski Sonata, I ordered it with Cheryl and its finally in!! WHOOT!

Sounds like you have tons of spinning on the go right now, good on ya!

Nina said...

I got to try the Sonata out and it was very nice. If I wanted just a portable wheel, it would be the one as it is so smooth, pretty and has all sorts of attachments available.
Enjoy your Sonata!