Saturday, 5 January 2008

spinning wheels and disappointments

Have you ever thought something was going to be wonderful and then been quite disappointed when you actually tried it out? Most of my guild members seem to use the Lendrum spinning wheel. I'd reconciled myself to it's looks as I think it is bordering on ugly and horribly modern. If I had my way, I'd live in a 17th century farm house, so the modern lines I found jarring. However, I could live with that if it spun as nicely as everyone raved about.
So I borrowed this one from the guild. It took a bit to set it up and I figured not a problem, give myself time to get used to it, knowing however that it shouldn't take too long to figure out. The very first thing I had to do was wiped the collected dust off it. The storage room is in a basement used by the local pottery club and I wonder if the clay dust is gathering there.. mmm silca!
At first I had it set up so that it travelled across the livingroom floor noticibly, every time I treadled. Finally got that worked out and the tension as well. Then the brake band broke. Sigh... big sigh here. Not a problem, although all I had was dark red crochet cotton to fix it with, the repair was easy. By the end of an hour or so of spinning, my foot was tired from treadling.. something I've never, ever had happen on my little Ashford Traveller, and my hands and arms/shoulders were tired from drafting. Even with the tension at the loosest, it took some effort to treadle and I was able to set it up with either no take up in the bobbin .. not good or with the slighted more adjustment, it wanted to grab the fibre right out of my hands. Drafting was definitely more of a chore.
The big plus was it was quiet. I mean really, really quiet. The guys were watching t.v and the sound level was normal. When I crank up the traveller, sometimes I can't get the clacks, whirs and creaks quiet enough and the sound level on the tube keeps going up.
I was disapponted to say the least as I'd really worked myself up into liking this wheel, probably to get over it's looks. Of course hubby didn't like it at all. oh well.. back to the researching a new wheel I guess..


Karen said...

If you try out an Ashford Joy in your process - let me know! I love it's look but haven't the faintest on how well it works.


vandy said...

Odd, I have a Lendrum Traveller, and I love it. (Though perhaps much because of it's squish-into-a-car-ability!) But I've never had any problems at all spinning on it. And I stop it walking by always resting one foot on that horizontal crossbar.

greycloudgirl said...

Supposedly there is a Kromski dealer in Mount Albert ON Gemini Fibres. It looks to be on the other side of Toronto but it might be worth it to go before you buy. I know nothing about the store, I just like doing Google searches

Nina said...

Greycloudgirl -Thanks! I had missed that they were now Kromski dealers and think that would be a good trip to check them out. ( Last time I checked they hadn't sold them) Good people there at Gemini though.

Vandy - I don't know, maybe this one is just old. I fixed the walking problem by adjusting the drive belt, but it took me a couple of days to get accustomed to treadling it, and then only when I had my shoes on. I'm a sock foot spinner :) Still, this particular one is rather more fussy, tension wise than I'm used to. The whole family thinks it's funny looking.

Karen - Why don't we organize a show and share, maybe at FITP, where we can bring wheels and equipment to show others what there is out there and maybe try it out. I'd like to try your Ashford as I've never spun on a Saxony type wheel.