Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Christmas Hat Saga

My son asked me for a toque for Christmas. After a discussion of what kind, colour etc, I realized he wanted a handspun, handknit toque. His identifiers were no brim and dark colours, maybe with some lighter stripes, you know, what you dye.
Well, my natural dye stocks right now consist mainly of yellows and pinks. I do have some indigo and logwood but not enough fibre prepared to do an indigo vat with and logwood can sometimes be the lurid purple from hell vat, never exhausting and giving you purples to greys forever.
So I talked to Donna from Wellington Fibres and bought some acid dyes. She gave me a quick explanation as to how to use them and I brought them home and played. My son's hat will be gorgeous, although if I'd realized that yellow was quite that sunny, I'd probably have added a drop or two of olive green or brown. The nice thing about the colours I used is that they were easy to work with, albeit a few safety requirements and cleanliness requirements which were really no worse than using indigo or logwood powders or lye for soap making, so I was okay there. I had the stainless pots, measuring equipment and syringe for accurate dye solution measuring already, so equipment was a non-issue.
My results aren't nearly as exciting as Karen's were, but suitable I think for the intended recipient of the hat. Now all I have to do is to knit it up! Dang, where did I stash my needles.

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Dreams of Yarn said...

Wow the colors are nice, a bit of sunny yellow will be great I'll bet. Have fun knitting up your colors!