Tuesday, 8 January 2008

socks, cats and knitting

I finished these socks a couple of days ago. They are made of Pattens Kroy sock yarn, which I purchased in error, likeing the colours but thinking it was a self striping sock yarn. I started them in May.
I can knit. I can knit very well when I want too. I have knit for years, teaching myself by making a child's sweater when it was the dark ages of time. I don't have that sweater or any others I made over the years for some reason. The first one didn't fit my daughter and wouldn't for years as I made it way to large, so I gave it to a relative, who didn't return it. I'm not sure why I didn't save any of the other's as there were fair isle, intarsia, fine, heavy weight, picture sweaters. My downfall came when trying to make one of my boys a cowboy sweater, with intarsia cow print body and sleeves, with a solid colour, fringed yolk. I couldn't get it finished for some reason.
Now I make socks, mitts and an occasional hat. Weaving uses up more yarn and despite the length of time it takes to dress a loom, sometimes a couple of weeks if you don't have multiple hours at a time to work on it, it seems to be faster and more satisfying than knitting.
Please note that the cat was no where to be seen when I went to take this picture. As a good helper kitty, he waited until I had them nicely laid out and then poof, he appeared and found his helper kitty happy place. Never fails. He likes to know what's happening.

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