Thursday, 1 October 2009

3 Bags Full

The gift bags are done. For not having access to most of my yarn stash and not being able to run out and get any, I think they turned out darned well. They are pretty, are a decent size and the colours are satisfactory as well, considering all I was able to find was crochet cotton.

We were at a camping event last weekend, which while being SCA, was geared towards early period authenticity. It was awesome and I can't believe I didn't bring my camera. The Regia household camped together which was nice.
I worked up a sourdough bread dough which was cooked on a griddle over the open fire for lunch. The culture must be a cool raising one as it tried to overtake the bowl and my tent despite it going down to 5C that night. I started the dye pot with just the liquor from the madder roots. This is the colour we got. I resoaked the roots and am cooking them up right now to over dye and see what happens.

With non-stop rain for the past half week and another half week of rain in the forecast, I took some time to wash up half a fleece. If I'd had another 3 lingerie bags, I could have done the rest as the washer tub is large enough. I'm using the fill the washer with hotwater and soap, stuff the bags in, turn the washer off and let soak method. Takes a bit of time and lots of water, but gets it done faster than small bits by hand in the sink.

All that is left blooming in the garden is this pretty purple mallow. Weed it may be, it's pretty enough to stay.

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Leigh said...

The mallow is very pretty indeed.

I love your give bags. Great idea.