Friday, 16 October 2009

Is there anything to say but

Ahhhhh I love the feel of wood heat and the look of a fire. The loom is set up and I'm weaving by the fire. The radio is blaring horrible '80's hits and it's good to be home. And... the wood delivery guy can only deliver the rest of our firewood on Sunday - that is 8 face cord as hubby ordered extra - and we're having a Regia meeting in the morning and a housewarming party in the afternoon! Do you supposed that stacking wood is an appropriate party activity?


Karen said...

Sorry I missed the housewarming party! I got the dates mixed up and went to the Woodstock Fleece Festival instead. I was so close!

That fireplace looks beautiful!!


Leigh said...

Stacking wood sounds like a wonderful party activity. The Amish do a lot of work parties, don't they? And lucky you to be able to use your fireplace like that. I wish ours had been in such good shape.

I need to follow your example and do some weaving by the fire too.

Nina said...

Karen - not to worry, although the housewarming was on Sunday, not Saturday. I'm definitely not silly enough to plan anything opposite a major Fibre event. I went to the festival in the morning though. I was rather intrigued by the rug hooking and the lady in the booth explained the whole process to me well enough that I could pick it up and try. Picked up a few small things I needed, but didn't find the smaller knitting needles I needed.

Leigh - We have 2 fireplaces and chimneys in the house. This one just required a liner and a new stove. However for the 2nd chimney, the previous owners cut through to the smoke chamber to vent the freestanding woodstove. They cut through wall and insulation, leaving gaps for the gases to easily get through. We've been told the only fix is to rip it apart and redo it. Neither of us has any bricklaying or chimney building skills though. Two adult sons came home Sunday afternoon and stacked the wood for us. We're hopefully set for the winter.

kaat said...

We have the same stove - Lopi Revere? Also just installed. Isn't it wonderful!

Nina said...

Hi Kaat..
Our stove looks quite similar to a Lopi Revere but it's made but a company in Quebec, Can. called Osburn. It's creatively called the 1600.