Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pumpkin Cookies ... Yum!

Two words which you might not think go together, but do in an awesome way.. Pumpkin Cookies. They aren't really cookies, more like muffin tops: big handfuls of soft, moist, yummy goodness. I made a batch yesterday to use up a bit of leftover pumpkin and the boys snarfed them down pretty quickly. Next time I'll add some walnuts and cut back the chocolate chips. Even though I reduced the amount of chips called for, they could do with even a few less. Since the first load of wood for the fireplace arrived last night they got to work off the extra calories helping unload the trailer and stack the wood. 2 cord down, 5 more to go!

I took advantage of the sunny day to do some work on the new garden bed. I'm making raised beds using a layered composting method first described by Ruth Stout. We've tons of leaves and grass clippings which have combined to make the base of the first bed. I've layered it with some compost that's been percolating for the past couple of months. Eventually there will be two beds, both about 4 feet wide by 30 feet long, but my goal for this year has been to get the first raised bed ready to plant this spring. Hubby showed me the merits of the mulching lawnmower with the collection bag. This made fairly short work of the leaf collection duty, at least short as compared to a rake. It was a much longer task than with the lawn tractor, but it doesn't collect the clippings! They are piled over a cardboard base - we've lots of that right now, having just moved. I haven't soaked it down though as we've more rain in the forecast and everything has been pretty wet of late anyway.

Inside time has been spent a) trying to find the wool for the next two scarves and b) spinning some embroidery wools to be dyed for a friend. She sneakily used the ones I gave her before on a project for me, so I'm making more. These one's are turning out better than the first ones, so I'm happy about that. I still need to find some dark rovings that will spin up to a fine worsted thread as the ones I currently have are far too crimpy and want only to be fluffy woolen threads. Obligatory shot of plied wool strand on penny for judging thread size!

I've been having a lovely time researching different veggie varieties for the garden. The problem is that I should be doing this in January, not October! I've been given some Orach seeds by the generous gardener found here, to plant and am looking forward to trying the new salad green. The garlic is planted and I'm starting to plan for next spring, although I do worry that it's just a bit early. There will be lots of time for this in January when the snow is starting to build and the blustery cold winds make you dream of spring. Still, it is fun and just a little bit exciting in anticipating growing a real garden again.

Inspector helper kitty is tired and has found my partially finished wool coat to be an ideal spot for napping. I shall have to wait until he gets up to work on it!


Jody said...

Wow you have been busy! Where do you get all that energy from :)
I luv to grow my own garlic too but the squirrels and chipmunks like to eat it so I buy it from a local farmer's market. It's so fresh it drips garlic juice..yum.

Leigh said...

Hurray for Ruth Stout! I'd do more of her methods too if my DH didn't love to till so much.

Pumpkin cookies sound yummy. Hmm. I wonder how dates would do instead of chocolate chips? I' will have to experiment.

Nina said...

Jody - Only a couple of squirrels here and you don't seem them frequently. I'd be unhappy if they ate my garlic, but there is lots of other stuff for them to eat so my fingers are crossed.

Leigh - I think if we had a roto-tiller my DH would be more inclined to do it that way. As we don't, the shovel for large gardens is too much work.

I think dates would be awesome in the pumpkin cookies. I think I'd want to add the nuts - walnuts or where you live, pecans just to cut the sweetness of the dates. That's why I want to add them with the choc. chips - and for crunch.

Miss_G said...

I would pay a handsome coin for embroidery scanes spun by you. If you ever want to make a bit of profit off of your art come talk to me!

:) Brigit