Saturday, 19 June 2010

Colours of June

The Colours of June are glorious. We've had enough slightly cooler weather that some of the flowers have bloomed for a long time. So many plants are in bloom right now because of the really early spring we had this year. For more Colours of June, check out Sue's blog.
The Wiegela bloomed here in full force for over 2 weeks! I'm sure it was because the weather cooled off, but I wasn't complaining. This one is a gorgeous colour!

There are a goodly number of Evening Primroses which have been scenting the evening air quite nicely. They are pretty too, although a tad overgrown and neglected. Maybe next year I'll get to that part of the garden. Until then, I'll enjoy the overgrowth because it's pretty.

How can one resist the Borage flower? It's small but the colour is incredible. There are few true blue flowers that I've found, so this one ranks a spot in the herb garden, just because!

I found this Clematis behind a purple sand cherry bush and some other overgrown plants. Poor thing looks like it's been a feast for the slugs. It will need a trellis to help it along. I do like pink flowers though.

The pink Water Lily in the pond. It's so pretty and very pink!

The Grand River running through Paris, Ontario.


Life Looms Large said...

That waterlily is beautiful!! I can see why waterlilies were so inspiring to Monet.

I love your shot of the river. I was planning to take more pictures of the wide green vistas of June, but had a lot of grey skies and rain during the week I kept thinking of taking pics like that.

Your picture of evening primroses has me wondering. I have something similar in my garden. I always thought they were called sundrops. I'll have to investigate!

Thanks for sharing your colors of June!


Valerie said...

Lovely colors. I too am a sucker for blue flowers. Chicory is just in bloom here and is one of my favorite colors.

Your wiegela looks so healthy. Mine seem to just hang on from year to year.

Nina said...

Sue - I did a quick check and your Sundrops and my Evening Primrose are the same flower! That is interesting to know.

Valerie - I like chicory too although I don't think we have much of it here in this area. Heavy duty farmland and pretty wildflowers don't seem to mix! Too bad though.

Ann Flowers said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Wendy E said...

So that's borage! I took a picture of some tonight, to look up what it was. Such an incredible blue color.

Thank you for sharing!

Nina said...

Ann - thank you!

Wendy - It is a pretty blue. It's supposed to taste like cucumbers and attract bees and other pollenators so is good for the garden as well as pretty.

Sharon said...

I look forward to this every month. It is so much fun to see what the month looks like from where we are. You are having such a pretty June!

Leigh said...

Hmm. Blogger ate my last comment :( Your photos are lovely and so are the colors!

Tina T-P said...

Great pictures (I love the water lilly!) My grandma used to have evening primrose in her garden, but I don't remember it blooming until July or August... T.

Annie said...

Lovely pictures! Waterlilies and blue flowers: I agree: they are favorites! The weigelias in our garden did very well this year, but all flowers have gone now.

m said...

Borage flowers are great to eat as is. Even better, freeze them into ice blocks and put them in your summer drinks.