Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Trudging Through Homework and having some fun!

This week I've been spinning. I'm getting tired of sampling, mainly because there has been so much of it. I've rather missed just spinning for a project! So last night, instead of working on homework, I grabbed a basket of fibre I'd flick carded on the weekend. I often flick card when I want to spin in a regulated manner, like all ends to the tips. It's a good method for a worsted type of prep. However this time, I just piled the flicked fibre in the basket and started spinning by grabbing random handfuls. I'm doing a long draw and it's making a lovely yarn! And... And... it was so much fun to just spin!

I've been doing some dye pots up. Just sampling. sigh.. I've lots of samples and I will admit that sometimes I really prefer to dye in large enough amounts to actually use on a project. However, I need samples of specific mordants for the homework, so small sample amounts are being dyed. Good thing I guess, as it is still fairly early in the season, so harvesting enough for a large dye vat would be a little more difficult. Except for the Feverfew which seems to be running rampant in the garden this year.

Speaking of gardens! Look what I found the other day.... yes, the first tomato! It will be ages before it can be eaten and because it was a colourful heirloom mix of seeds, I won't even know what kind it is until it starts to ripen. I noticed there are more this morning, but the first always seems to be a milestone! Of course this morning, the tomato was 3 times the size. Growing is good! No beans yet :( I'm wondering if some of the bush beans were mislabelled. They seem to be growing up and have started winding upon each other. Not normally seen for bush beans! I'll have to keep an eye on them.

The weekend was lovely and relaxing. All the kids were home and we had a nice time. There were many frisbees thrown, s'mores made, hot dogs roasted and much fun!

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Sharon said...

I hope to do some natural dyeing before the snow flies. This summer is nuts. There's only two more months left of it.