Sunday, 13 June 2010

One Misty Moisty Morning

Yes, it's been raining or drizzly most of the weekend. Yesterday though was exceptionally warm and humid. Today is just cool and wet. What a huge change in just a few hours. I didn't even get my morning walk in today because the fog was too heavy for my comfort. Instead, I worked on spinning study work. Then I got a few rows on the second sock and then I ran outside to take a few piccies, taking advantage of the rather steady light conditions and wetness of the world.

The garden is almost completely planted. I have 4 rows of beans to plant and a bit of space for some more greens. These beans will hopefully produce from about the middle of August. We'll see if my planning works.

The chooks are growing. This is one of the pullets who will lay for us. She has a variation on the colouring of her breeding, which is very beautiful. We have two with this colouring. Doesn't matter very much though as they'll all give us brown eggs, perhaps as early as mid September.

I knew if I didn't just start the second sock, I'd put it off too long. I wasn't overwhelmed with the first sock, mostly because my gauge was just a tad too loose. However, it's bright and pretty. The pattern is a sort of basket weave pattern that I worked out after trying a variety of different true knitted baskets weaves, none of which I liked. Right now, I wish the gauge were tighter, but I imagine that when it's in the sock drawer and being used, it won't really matter much at all.

This is what is blooming in the pond right now. A few days ago there was a water lily in a lovely shade of pink! I guess if I had my choice of what colour to plant, I'd have probably planted all pink water lilies. I'm guessing though, if they were all pink, the pink one wouldn't seem to special.

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Sharon said...

...when cloudy was the weather. Oh man, have we had that in spades. Our growing season ends sometime in September, and while the potatoes are going great guns, the tomatoes are not. Our housesitter told us that hail earlier this week flattened the garlic and onions. I am reminded how fortunate I am to live in a time where I don't have to live on what I grow!