Sunday, 4 July 2010

Canada Day Weekend

I was working on my homework when I ran out of my homemade hang tags for skein labels. I'd been using business card stock for my blanks and the packet disappeared. Honestly, I looked everywhere and it just vanished, which was odd because I'd just cleaned and organized the desk and office area.. sigh,(please note the mild panic setting in here).. So all of a sudden, without a way to label my skeins, all homework screeched to a halt. I know that I'd end up with a bunch of unlabelled skeins and no idea which was which.. so until I could run out and buy more, it put things on hold. Of course the next day I popped out to the store and they were out of the original colourway, so I've got a slightly different coloured tags for the last few, which is only mildly irksome. However the skeins are almost all done and labelled, so that's okay. I really needed that sort of excitement just before a holiday weekend, at 9pm in the evening.

This weekend I should have been at Trillium Wars. I wanted to go, but my daughter decided to move and asked for help. How could I say no? Of course there is the chicken issue, which will be resolved next year. We'll either have the fast growing White Rock X chickens which only need to run on 7 or 8 weeks max, or we'll start them earlier! None of this waiting around to make sure the meat chooks don't wilt in the heat!

To make up for not going to Trilliums, my sweetie dragged me out to the Aberfoyle Antique Market. Yes, kicking and screaming I'm sure.. but really, it's a fun day out, perusing antique and collectible stalls. I decided I needed a few dust collectors... Okay, I did check out a couple of antique spinning wheels - both too much money for the condition of the wheels, a couple of cupboards for fibre stash storage and some skein winders, none of which really rocked my boat in the end. There was a really nice....nice...nice walnut bed frame but way outside my budget. (That tends to be the issue with me and antiques, I best like the ones I can't afford!) In the end, I settled for a few dust collectors - a lovely little weaving shuttle, a hand carved grain scoop and two little vintage kitchen tools. Grand total spent? $28

In my spare time, I spun this nice hank of yarn.. 183 yards of Romney lamb. It's super soft and yummy. I carded a basket full of rolags and spun it with a long draw. I may need to dye it though because it's white: a white just screaming to be coloured. What is it going to be? I am not yet sure, but I just wanted to make sure that all that sampling hadn't really taken the fun out of spinning. I guess not since there is another basket full of rolags waiting for me, one bobbin already spun and another started so I can ply them together for another hank of the same yarn!


Leslie's stuff said...

nice wool and find at the antique market. I have some Newfoundland Sheep fleece for you. I pick it up on the 6th.

Nina said...

Squee! That's very exciting. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful skein, and always the question of what's it going to be when it grows up~