Saturday, 17 July 2010

Of Harvesting, Frogs, Weaving

A few days ago, I meandered by the zucchini plants and found a zucchini big enough to eat. I planted yellow ones this year. I check the plants every morning to see how things are progressing since zucchini can grow from small, tender, delightfully edible bits to enormous, tough things which would feed half a city overnight. We should have a couple more tomorrow.

We ate beans. There is nothing like fresh beans straight from the garden. Currently there are only small beans in the garden and no harvested ones to photograph because we ate them... yum....

Yesterday I started digging up the garlic. The leaves are starting to dye back, despite the immense quantities of rain... we had 3.8 cm on Thursday night alone, according to a neighbour, not to mention all the other rainy days we've had. At least lots of sunshine and warmth in between. So this bunch is hanging to dry and I'll get to the rest in a day or two. This stuff is pretty yummy though. Of course I planted the two varieties side by side and neglected to write down, which one went in which row, so I've no idea what we're eating and how to determine which might taste better. They look pretty much the same.

For the first time since April and that darned course, I was able to warp up the loom. The warp is handspun Romney in a natural colour - and the weft is handspun Romney lamb dyed with indigo. Obviously I cold have gotten darker on the Indigo dyeing without a problem as the contrast could do to be bumped up a little. However, in real-life it's really pretty and the subtleness is rather nice. It's soft... I may keep this one for myself. It's supposed to be the final project for my course. Then I can pack it all up and ship it out for marking... phew....

We have a little man-made pond/water feature. It's very pretty and I love the sound of the running water. It's full of water lilies, some floating fern-like things which provide oxygen apparently, iris and a few others. The sound of the running water is very relaxing. However the pond needs to have a pump running 24/7. It's tends to use way more hydro than we'd like so had decided that we'd empty it out and get rid of it. And then we heard it... this weird croaking sound. Every once in a while but fairly regularly. I'd heard it last year and it was more of a croak with a squeak and my sweetie said it was just the cranky pump, another reason to get rid of it. However this year when I checked the noise out more carefully, this is what I saw... It makes it a lot more difficult to get rid of a water feature when wild-life has taken up residence.

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Leigh said...

Oh my. You sound like me when it comes to keeping track of varieties in the garden. I am trying harder with this year though!

The weaving looks great. I love the subtleness of the colors.