Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Quiet on the homefront

Because this morning, at 6 am, we caught and bundled all our male chooks into boxes and took them to the abattoir. The 3 top roosters in the pecking order crowed from day break until just about dark. They crowed when we had them in the boxes and started up again as we parked the truck to unload them. While I will admit, it is much nicer to hear a rooster crow than the neighbour we had in the city, who screamed at her kids and her youngest had no idea how to speak in anything other than a loud, screechy scream, a rooster crowing non-stop does get a bit tiresome.

The girls seem happy enough sans boys, with much more space to play in. They've been dust bathing and even got down of their perches to do whatever chooks do in their spare time. They are only a few weeks away from laying eggs. They are starting to get combs and wattles which happens as they start to mature. We are looking forward to the fresh eggs. I'm also looking forward to doing barn chores without needing the large feed scoop to push nosey, pushy roos out of the way as I fill the feeder.

The zucchini are starting to ripen more than one at a time. I'd like there to be a few more than this because a few in the freezer would be good. The cucumber didn't make it to dinner time. I rinsed it off, dried it vigorously to remove the prickles and ate it within moments of having picked it. yummmmmmmmmmmm.

The final project for the course work is done! The scarf is off the loom. The fringe is twisted. It's been lightly wet finished, the ends have been trimmed off and it's been sort of blocked.. It's okay. Not one of my favourite projects, but it's soft enough and looks okay. So now I need to print everything out, do the write up for the final project, redo one short exercise I decided I'm not happy with and put it into binders and ship it out.. Yay! Then it will be a few months to do some fun stuff before I try to do it all again.

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Sharon said...

I'm shopping for a dehydrator. For the first time I think we're going to have more than we can eat at one time. I hope I'm not jinxing myself.