Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sewing and Spinning and garden stuff

I'd started this shirt for my sweetie ages ago but didn't get past cutting it out and doing the blackwork. It didn't take long to sew it together, but the hand finishing on cuffs, collar and plackets did take a while. I had the wrist and neck ties all ready to go and managed to forget to sew them when I was assembling the shirt, so that still needs to be done. I'm not thrilled with the blackwork pattern. It's based on a 16th c pattern, but just didn't like the way it stitched out. Because of that, I only did the cuffs and collar. I had wanted to do a strip down the sleeves and on either side of the neck placket, but didn't like the pattern enough for that much work. Back to the drawing board I guess.

The Romney lamb fleece is almost done. I've a bag of short bits and stained bits left that aren't worth working with. The last two bobbins I plied together gave me a skein of 262 yds and last night I got the last salvageable locks carded into rolags. I need to do a dye vat -for one of the last homework assignments and for my final project, but it's been so hot here that I've not been certain that I wanted to hang out over a hot stove for an afternoon.

The garden loves this weather though! I hope we get some rain soon because I've had to do a bit of spot watering. The yellow zuchinni are starting to grow nicely and with any luck I'll have some to harvest in a few days. There are 2 other plants, so I daresay I'll have enough summer squash for fresh use, the freezer and most of my friends. The tomatoes are starting to set fruit and the beans are flowering! That means fresh beans in a few days.. yummy!


Sharon said...

That sewing reminds me that I've sewing proects in the wings of my mind. I cannot believe that I'm retire and still complaining about not having enough time. Hooray for our gardens! I think ours is going to make it this year.

Jody said...

Yes I am glad at least the vegetables and fruits are loving this weather. My hot peppers and blackberries are doing very well.

Nina said...

Sharon - I thought that when my kids had graduated school I'd have more time... yeah, right hehehehe Yay for a good garden year. Last year we had one of those cool, wet summers and lots of gardens did poorly.

Jody - My blackberries are in their first year so nothing to show yet. I didn't get to plant peppers either as I ran out of space. Next year we'll have added more space so peppers will be on the list!