Sunday, 25 July 2010

Colours of July

Sue from Life Looms Large has called for the colours of July. It's been a hot and muggy month, with a lot of rain. Most of the garden flowers are gone, since there are mainly early blooming varieties planted. I will start rectifying that very soon. There are a few left though.
There are a couple of Hollyhocks hidden away. This one was a beautiful pink with a purple Clematis behind it. I'll have to move them though because they are growing where the chook pen will soon be.

This Rudebekia was a lovely surprise. It's not the Rudbekia Goldsturm that I've always grown before but it will do. I'm still looking for the Goldsturm variety, which I didn't find the the garden centres this year. It blooms toward the end of the summer.
This is the wind farm in Port Burwell on the north shore of Lake Erie . It was taken from the pier across the small bay. Those wind turbines are huge though. There is a road which winds through some of them and they are pretty impressive. The rain the other night was really heavy. It eased off in the early evening and as the sun was starting to set, a small patch of cloud cleared away creating the most incredible natural lighting I've seen in ages. The wheat field started to glow and the greens were so bright. It was just amazing.

An old log fixture by the side of the Port Burwell Pier. My thoughts are that it was an old mooring post. It was pretty and the silty waters reflected many subtle colours.


Leigh said...

Nina, what a beautiful assortment of photos and color. I love your hollyhock! I planted some from seed this spring, and they are coming along, but no where near ready to bloom. I really like the photo of the wheat field too.

Woolly Bits said...

my hollyhocks were covered by some digitalis in front, so the slugs got most of them:(( and the rudbeckia is lovely - I am trying to find one here too, since they didn't want to grow from seeds for me:(( they are supposed to dye as well - a must have for a dyer's garden:))

wendy e said...

Beautiful pictures! Love your rudbeckia. I've been seeing them a lot lately, but have never had any in my garden ... next year I'll have to add some.

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful photos!!

I love that you captured some scenes of July, especially the wheat field and your water photos. The pilings at the pier definitely are weavable and wearable colors.

These photos seem like they'll be great to look back on come winter! Winter, did I say winter? Nah...winter is still months away!!


I, too, love your hollyhock!! Great color and one of my favorite plants....must plant some again!

Annie said...

Hollyhock and clematis: what a beautiful combination!