Saturday, 9 October 2010

Oh Noes!!!!!!!!!

I've knit new socks and I can't find them 'cause they're camouflaged.   Hehehe....  

Early last spring, I found a bin of On Your Toes Sock yarn on sale for a really good price.  I was hunting for a solid colour - any solid colour, just not bright self striping yarn.    There wasn't a single solid colour in the bin, but since the price was good, my sweetie grabbed a particular ball of yarn he'd noticed and pointed out that it was mainly black with only a little green and that perhaps darkish would be a nice change.   I didn't look too quickly but it seemed like it would be okay, so I headed to the check out.     Later when I went to knit it up, I found that no pattern at all looked good in what I now realized was camouflage print yarn!   I tried basket weave patterns, ribbing and even a lace pattern.   So, I finally just put a plain stockinette sock on the needles.  Even better is that they stitch up so quickly, that while I didn't really enjoy knitting this colourway, I enjoyed how quickly they popped off the needles.  

   If I had had enough yarn, I'd have knit up a pair of camo socks for a certain 12 year old boy that I know who is really into camo prints these days.  Unfortunately he has humongous feet and I only had 100 grams of yarn!  The upside of these socks is that they are super comfortable and you can't go wrong with that!  My foot is fairly narrow, so I dropped down two needle sizes for the foot and it was absolutely perfect!


Leigh said...

And socks! You've been so productive. Actually I like the colors. :)

Sharon said...

You can't go wrong with socks that look great with blue jeans. I mean, you know you're going to be wearing jeans. I'm done with self-striping yarns too - I think all those socks found their way to other homes.