Sunday, 31 October 2010

Colours of October

I'm quite sad that Sue had decided to end her Colours of the Month Challenge.  I've really enjoyed challenging myself to find interesting ways to show the colours of our seasons.   In the early years of photography, I had my own darkroom and took a lot of black and white photos.  I even did a bit of freelancing for a magazine.  It's been fun getting back into picture taking and I have to say, I love digital cameras.  I miss a bit of the surprise and control of the darkroom, but once I figure out how to process RAW, I'm sure I'll get that back as well.

Anyway, here are the colours of southern Ontario for October.

 This is the side yard.  It's been wet and we've not been able to get the leaves up as quickly this year.   When we get them, they are piled up in the gardens to compost over the winter.  If we get any appreciable amount of snow, they'll be gone by the spring.

  A Maple tree.  I don't know exactly what type of Maple.  For a few short days, when the sun hits it early in the morning, it seems to glow!  It's very pretty.

The last of the red Maple leaves in the garden.   Against the blue sky, the colours were perfect.

Milkweed with the seed pods opening.     A few of us had a grand time letting the little fluffy seed bits fly around while we played.  I'm only sorry that I didn't have the clippers with me.   While Milkweed is food for Monarch butterflies, it's also perennial.  I would have liked to have clipped the stalks to try to process for fibre while knowing the plant would grow back next year to feed the Monarchs.

A change in the weather patterns brought a few brief moments of a lovely pink sky.   It was very pretty.


Leigh said...

Lovely photos Nina. That splash of green across across the last photo is almost a surprise. Love the pink sky.

What kind of digital camera do you have? (I love mine too) I've never worked with RAW, just jpegs.

Sharon said...

It is very pretty. I expected more mountains I suppose. Once upon a time I also processed my own photos. I've come to appreciate Photoshop! Winding my film on the reel that I could only feel....

Life Looms Large said...

Glad you could join in the challenge this month and throughout the year!!! It's been really fun for me too!

I shoot almost everything in raw...and I think it makes things you used to do in the darkroom possible and easier. (But I'm not that techy a photographer....other photographers I know get much more into that.)

I expected to see more evidence of winter's advance in your pictures. Since I don't see it, I'll pretend for as long as possible that it's not on its way!!