Thursday, 14 October 2010

Project Updates

The winding of the warp has begun!   I've all the Z twist wound and the reed sleyed.   The S twist is taking it's turn on the warping board and when it's all wound, I'll sley it in the spaces.   I recalculated my set so am going with 24 rather than 21.  This means using more warp threads but I think the effect will be worth it.  It's easier to sley at anyrate, especially using two different threads that you can't tell apart!

I will definitely need to card more batts and start spinning more weft or I'll have a dressed loom and nothing to weave with.  

I took sewing break.  I'd found a pattern which I though would look good in handwoven yardage but decided to do a sample up first using polar fleece and use it as a mucking around jacket.   It took me a while to find the polar fleece.  The one fabric store prices were way more than I really wanted to pay and they only had kids prints.  The other had several acceptable prints but nothing suitable to line it with, in that I wanted to line it with fleece as well.   After hunting around the second store, I found that they indeed did have something I could use, but the store is new and laid out in an interesting but somewhat non-intuitive way.  In the end, I got sherpa fleece - almost a fake fur sheepskin for the lining.  Much heavier than I first wanted but it looked nice with the plaid.   The jacket was easy to sew up. Next time I'd make the sleeves shorter.  Matching the plaid took an extra 1/2 yard but was easy to do and sure makes a difference.   It still needs buttons and button holes.  I'm sure glad that I took the store clerks advice on getting a size smaller than I had chosen.   The amount of design ease is quite large.  If I had made it with high end, expensive drapey fabrics, it would have been fine, but as it is, it's a boxy jacket which should be just dandy for the winter.


Leigh said...

I love the jacket! It looks so warm and perfect for outdoor chores and activities. It looks very professional. Well done.

Sharon said...

I'm looking forward to what's on your loom. I'd like to try weaving with singles but don't know where to start. Also want to weave with handwoven, but same thing - don't know where to start. Too many garments that show up at conferences make me think the model should be saying, "How Kimosabe." I'm not going to wear a blanket!