Wednesday, 3 November 2010

On Comforts, Cuteness and Doneness


The wood is in for the winter.  We fetched - okay, that just seems wrong using fetch in the past tense - we picked up 20 cord of wood from our supplier, brought it home and stacked it.  It took a couple of weeks in total, although most of that was over the past few days.  People here are sore and achy from shifting and stacking.  However it's done and we're set for the winter.  

The garlic is planted.  It's late, I know.  It should have been in the garden 3 weeks ago, but one thing after another and I only really had the time to do it today.   At least it's in.  I mulched it with straw in hopes of protecting the new cloves at least a little bit.

I made these little bags yesterday.  Are they not one of the cutest things ever?   A gal at the spinning course had several she used to hold equipment.  I had to try them.  They're fully lined, not difficult to make and I'm all for the cuteness factor.  I'm going to use one to carry my current sock project in and another will be gift wrap for a small present.  

Done... socks for someone else...  They started out for me but were claimed by another whom I love enough to let that happen.  Yes, that means I need to start another sock project to put in the above cute little bag.


Sharon said...

Twenty cord of wood!! That puts my world in perspective - we are no where close to that cold!

Leigh said...

I am sooo jealous of all that wood! And so beautifully cut! And so perfectly stacked!

Love those little bags too. They'd make lovely gifts.

Love those socks too. Beautiful colors!

Brenda Reed said...

Nothing wrong with fetched. No stranger than picked up. Better in fact because it tells me what you did while picked up 20 cord of wood makes think you are awfully strong.