Friday, 19 November 2010

Skeined, Labelled and Warped ... woo hoo

The sock yarn is all skeined up and ready to go.  I've labelled it as well, so all I have to do is to remember to pop it in my bag when I'm heading out to work at the Guild sale tomorrow.   I'm really happy with all the results.  Even the hank of yarn that I was only somewhat happy with, looks really good when in a proper sized skein!   

Notice that the skeins of yarn are setting nicely on warp threads?  Yes, I know I shouldn't set them there, but it was where the light was best on this dark, gloomy, autumn day.   And yes, they are indeed warp threads!  Handspun singles, all nicely sleyed and threaded through the heddles, checked for errors and test weaving done!   Yes, indeed, I am ready to start weaving the hood project.   As much as this has been an intriguing project, it has taken a long time, with too many interruptions.  I will be happy when it is woven off and I can put something fun and colourful on the loom.

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Sharon said...

Ooh, I'm going to keep an eye on your weaving project. I don't know of anyone yet who has warped with singles. Singles weft too?