Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Just a Quck Project

I've been soooo busy lately, that I had nothing really ready for waiting room projects.   Having to do just that, wait around for appointments, I decided to toss another pair of socks on the needles.  Socks are perfect waiting room projects because they don't take up much space and unless I'm doing a particularly complicated design or stitch combo, I don't need a paper pattern at all.

It had been grey and miserable out for days and I decided to knit up a bright pair of socks.  The only really obnoxiously bright yarn I had was a variegated pink and blue number I'd dyed last winter.   I had been going to try to sell it at the Oxford Weaver's Guild sale in a couple of weeks but decided I'd rather use it instead.  I started with just a plain ribbed pattern to test the yarn out and see how the colour variegations worked.   By the time 2 days of waiting around for appointments or meetings was done, I had too much on the needles to rip it out and start a new pattern, though I had one all ready to go.  Next pair, I guess.  

My friend Suzi convinced me that I should dye up a few skeins for the guild sale anyway.  She really liked the colours of this skein.   Results of those new skeins should be forthcoming rather soon since the sale is only one and a half weeks away.

New curtains in the livingroom have currently thwarted my heddle threading endeavours.   Once I move everything back in their rightful places, I'll be able to access the loom again.   A few days of glorious sunshine have made reorganizing furniture a less that glamourous and undesirable activity.  On the other hand,  hanging laundry, mulching the last of the fallen leaves and scrubbing the chooks water fountain, have  all been activities on the highly desirable list right now :)

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Sharon said...

Hanging laundry? Where on earth do you hang laundry at this time of year? Like the socks~