Saturday, 7 May 2011

Projects here and there.

The new fencing doublet has been started.  I marked out and cut, a gazillion yards of continuous bias with which to make decorative piping.  I was lucky that I found some piping cord hidden away because none of the local stores carry piping cord suitable for clothing.  They only have jumbo, thick, massive cord for upholstery.  The gals working at the stores had no idea you could make your own piping and one of them thought it was a rather crazy, weird idea!  

Lots of spinning happening as well.  I finished up the tan and white Shetland roving.  It was a joy to spin as it drafted beautifully.  It's lovely and soft as well.   It is interesting how the lighting and camera settings affected this photo as the skeins are close to the same colour.  

Now I'm spinning white Shetland.  I am pretty sure it's Gwennie's fleece.  The fleece was incredibly greasy.  It lost over 2 lbs weight in processing.   It's lovely and crimpy and reasonably soft, though not as soft as I'd expected.   I learned in my master spinner course that often fibre beasts with a little bit of stress, outside a bit in the winter, etc, have finer fleeces than those which are not stressed at all.    This flock of sheep is the more about being pets than farm animals and it might show a bit in the fleeces.

I started some new socks.  I found this very pink sock yarn on sale.   It's soft and yummy sock yarn and was a very good price.  It's very pink.   It's like knitting up Valentine's Day into socks!  I normally run the pattern down the foot but I decided to keep it just on the leg.    I'm not keeping these ones though.   They're a gift that I'm quite thrilled to be starting with plenty of time to actually finish them.


Truly said...

I likey da pink socks. What's that colour called again?

Nina said...

It's a rather uninspiring name.. Raspberry Print. :) I guess that is better than just a colour number though.

Sharon said...

I love the luster of Shetland. I know it's not considered a luster wool, so I guess I don't know any better. Your yarns are lovely.