Friday, 27 May 2011

Gah! More Stanley Cup Spinning

I'm officially getting tired of this project.  I realize what the problem is though.  It's just mindless spinning.  The past few years, I've become more specifically project oriented and just spinning for the sake of spinning is fine sometimes, but it seems like I've been spinning miles and miles of yarn forever, with no destination!    Well, the Stanley Cup Playoffs do seem to run forever, but still.   So, only one more game in the semi-finals and the finals start next week.  So in all, there are only 5 - 8 more games left.   With any luck, I'll be able to see it through and finish up what is turning out to be the nearly endless bag of roving!   The bag of white shetland that I'm spinning right now, while is getting smaller, doesn't seem to be doing so with any appreciable speed!  I think I've been at half a bag now for a week!
My original basket was overflowing with skeins.  I had to find a second basket.    It was much more impressive with the smaller basket overflowing with skeins, but honestly, it wasn't horribly practical.  It was spilling out all over the place.  I'd totally forgotten about the lighter grey, which was hiding at the bottom of the basket!  This is mainly grey, white and black Shetland.  The few skeins of white are tucked in the back.  I'm leaving them there because they are from a different fleece.   They are not quite the same texture or colour as the fleece that I'm spinning now.  The darker grey is Romney.    I've been spinning it all about the same grist, in hopes that if I want to combine colours for one project, I can do so.  

This is the moorit and the white Shetland.  The white is being plied using the jumbo plyer in order to get huge skeins.  With any luck, it will help me identify them as I go to use them.  There probably close to 1200 yards (plied) of the white.  I'm thinking that is getting close to a usable amount for something other than scarves or mitts.   I'd love to make a blanket from all this, maybe in a checky. It would be a good bedcovering for camping and Regia reenactment events.   But I'd have to sit down and do the math first..  recount the yardage on the skeins... work out the total yardage for the project and then the separate amounts for the checky pattern.  It probably seems like more work than it is.  I've been stalling on getting a project back up on the loom and not sure why.  I think I've got too many projects in the planning stages, which always slows me down.  I think I just need to queue them up and do them one at a time.

I started this bird design last weekend, while teaching a friend how to do the embroidery stitches from the Bayeux Tapestry - stem stitch and laid couchwork.  I brought it out once I'd unpacked but then set it in a work basket and covered it with a cloth.  What was I thinking, because I had to actually hunt it down this morning, having no idea where I'd hidden it.  I'm using stupid skinny yarn for this - Jaggerspun super lamb, so it's taking longer than I'd first planned.  However the first stitches I did in a thicker yarn, looked much too chunky for my liking.

Gratuitous cat photo 'cause he's just so darned cute when he sleeps with his eyes covered like that :)


Sharon said...

That's a lot of yarn!!!!

Leigh said...

Aw, he's definitely cute when he looks like that!

I know what you mean about spinning. I've always been a project person rather than a process person. Still, it's nice to have something to keep one's hands busy when there's a lot of time involved. :)