Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Lots of little projects

The vegetable garden is planted!  There are still a few things that I've planned to do multiple sowings, like salad greens and the such, but all in all, it's done!   Well, except that pumpkins and squash, which were supposed to go into new raised beds, which haven't happened yet. Somehow painting the deck trumped making new raised beds and I've no idea how that happened.  

In between I've been waiting for the next Stanley Cup Playoff - tonight so spinning wasn't a priority.  Instead I've been embroidering - it's taking forever.  When I first started this sort of embroidery, my friend assured me it would get faster, but I don't think it has.   I'm going to extend this piece just a bit and turn it into another cuff.  I may use the same pattern for the second one, or go with different birds.  I'm not sure yet.

I've also started winding a warp.  I'm going to weave a bag or a purse, specifically a pilgrim type satchel for camping with this summer.   I thought I had enough leftover Harrisville Shetland kicking around and might actually have had enough, if I'd not decided to make an extra bit of yardage for either a second bag, or a hat or something else.  For some reason, I also thought I had a whole whack of  white in a bin, but I've not yet figure out where that might be, if indeed I have any left at all.  I found a bit of blue and a bit of brown, small partial cones; one of each.   Now I either have to scramble and ask friends if they've any leftovers I can scrounge, order some or spin something similar..  Why didn't I think this one through before I started it?

The Poppy to be is now flowering.   The big heavy flower drooped to the ground.  My sweetie mowed down most of the patch, in his good intentioned efforts to keep the Creeping Charlie at bay.

The Bachelor's Buttons are blooming a tad early.  I love the shades of blue in the garden.  So very pretty...

Bleeding Hearts are finally blooming as well.  It seems like so many plants are blooming in a weird order this year.   Even the pear trees - so late in blooming this year but because there was no risk of frost and a myriad of pollinators out and about, there are way too many fruits on both trees.   If I decide to dare the ladder, I should be up there plucking off a lot of the small fruits before they sap most of the energy from the tree and we get a huge harvest of tiny pears.   Less fruits to grow on the tree, the larger the fruit!


Sharon said...

Oh man, does you warp dilemma wring a bell. I'm glad to have company.

Woolly Bits said...

weird, that your bleeding heart flowers now - my poppy is in full bloom, but the bleeding heart blossoms have finished ages ago... we don't have a problem with the pears, but I fear for my plum tree! it's only small, but it seems to think it's a giant, judging by the fruit it set:))