Tuesday, 25 October 2011


What a week it was!   Last week I had to do the shopping and final prep for the Crown Tourney feast on Saturday.   I baked on Sunday and Wednesday.  I shopped on Thursday, which took trips to two grocery stores and a trip into a nearby city to pick up items stored in a friends freezer and a whole slew of crockpots, roasting pans etc.  Friday I cooked all day.. bread, meringue cookies and 9 pies.  Saturday there were 5 of us in the kitchen and we produced a good meal, with some cool plating effects... and I forgot my camera, sigh.  A friend sent me this rather fuzzy photo of the sausage cattails.  I was happy they worked out so well.

In my spare time, I've done a bit of spinning.   Generic domestic grey sheep sliver.  Pretty enough unspun, but gorgeous when spun up.  It is fairly easy to spin as well.   I'm not sure what I am gong to do with it, so I'm spinning and plying it in a suitable weight for weaving or knitting.    

It's going to be suitable for woven scarves, shawls or knitted hats and mitts.  There is only a pound of sliver, so while I'd contemplated leaving the singles for weaving, there wouldn't be enough of it for a useful amount of yardage.  Plied there won't be enough for a useful sweater either, not that I've actually knit a sweater in a very long time.    Next time I order, I'll make sure I get enough  for a larger project because I'm so happy with the quality.

I had the sewing machine going as well.  I made this cute little project bag with some leftover fabric.   It has a nice big pocket inside.  It still needs a drawstring cord though.  I've nothing suitable on hand.   Crappy lighting and no way to show the size without more work than I'm willing to do right now.   It's big enough to hold several skeins of yarn, needles and a pattern, or other small to medium size project.  While I love the size and shape, I'll likely make this a gift bag as it's not quite my favourite fall in love with fabric.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm sad I missed Crown. Those cattails look FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on pulling off a successful Crown feast - the sausage cattails look very interesting.

-the redhead-

Leigh said...

The cattails are so clever! Sounds like all the work was worth it. You do stay busy, don't you?