Sunday, 2 October 2011

Puzzle Box

I was out looking at a vintage Singer sewing machine on Saturday.   It was a 127 with sphynx decals, which wasn't quite what I was after, but if it was in good condition I'd have taken.  However, the cabinet top needed all  new veneer due to a fish tank explosion, the decals were quite worn and the machine head had a fair bit of rust.  Despite the good price I didn't bring it home with me.  I'll wait for a 66 to turn up...

I did however, bring home this cool little gem.  I paid a fair price for it and it doesn't have all it's original pieces, but there are many extras with it.  I think it may have sparked an interest in vintage sewing machine accessories.  The box itself is wooden with a branded stamp proclaiming that it was patented in 1889.  It's lined with red velvet.   I'd not seen one in person before, but it's the accessories which would have been contemporary with my grandmother's Singer 27.      (The seller did say that they hadn't come with the 127, but she'd been given them after by someone else).

Now to figure out what the feet are for and get a machine that can use them up and running, so that I can test them out and learn how to use them.  


Leigh said...

A fish tank explosion? Hmmm. That could be not fun.

I would love a vintage sewing machine too. Good for you for holding out for a good one! I hope it comes your way soon.

Woolly Bits said...

how does a fish tank explode?:)) I have my mom's old sewing machine here as well, but it's not quite as old - still runs as well. I have a very unspectacular metal box with all those feet and bits - but haven't figured out how to use all of them. looks more like tools from a medieval torture chamber - I hope you'll manage once you get the machine to match:))