Thursday, 18 October 2012

Colours of October

 I've wanted to get out for a fall colours hike but it hasn't happened.  The many grey, wet days mean that the few sunny days have been used to fetch in our wood for this year's heating season.  Last night though, we had a few moments of glorious sunshine, with a vivid blue sky.   My camera battery chose that exact moment to have no charge.  My fault since I'd been putting off recharging it.  Last night I plugged in the charger and hoped that this morning would still hold a blue sky and a bit of sunshine.  For a few short minutes, we did indeed have some sunshine.  After checking the weather forecast, I grabbed my camera to see what sort of colours I could find in my own back yard.

It's been a good year for colour in this area.  There have been some deep reds, vivid oranges and bright yellows.  There have been days when you'd look up and swear the trees were glowing.   It's been beautiful.

After 10 minutes in the back yard, the sunshine started to wane.  I realized I was quite happy with my leafy colour capturing.  Each of these photos is from a different tree.

Oh, the glorious autumnal colours!  A few fleeting moments of beauty before our world is blanketed in white.

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