Thursday, 4 October 2012


This afternoon I had to pop into the feed store to pick up chook feed. I went in to get a couple of bags of feed and came home with this little guy tucked on my shoulder. 

I didn't actually go in to get a kitten, but the poor little guy had been dropped off.  He asked for a pet but when I tried to put him down, he grabbed on and clung to me, purring away.  He even tried to follow me around, with little cries.  After a last pet, he ended up snuggled in so nicely, that I felt there was no option.  I tucked him in the cab of the truck and home we went.  He's settling in quite nicely.  The only thing is that the menfolk around here decided that if I was going to bring home a kitty without consultation, they were going to name it.  So, may I introduce Kevin.  No romantic names like Lizzie Bennet or Mr. Darcy or Austen.  No funky, fun names from other parts of history or anything else... Nope, male or female (since it's very fuzzy kitten fur is still hiding all the important bits),  it's name is Kevin and oddly enough, the name has stuck!   He/she is obviously a fibre cat, which is a good thing and he's a cuddly, lap, kind of floozy kitten too.  I hope that cuddly bit stays as having a cat which likes to be petted sometimes would be nice.


Anonymous said...

He is darling!

Woolly Bits said...

well, Kevin wouldn't be my first choice either, but it's better than rambo (a dachshound in our area) or somesuch:) and he seems to be very happy to have found a new home! they're impossible to resist at that age:) have fun with your new fibre cat!