Monday, 1 October 2012

The busiest week ever!

The dress is done.  An 1860's cotton dress, a petticoat and stays were finally completed in time for a planned 1860's luncheon on Sunday.  I did  a bit of last minute sewing on Saturday afternoon, because I couldn't find a man's vest at any thrift stores and had to make one.  Luckily it was a fairly quick project, even with making a few minutes of confusion over the making of a welt pocket.  It turns out a welt pocket is very easy, the instructions were just a tad confusing.  The biggest issue was the sewing machine which makes an acceptable but always the same, super easy button hole decided that it wasn't cooperating with sewing that day.  Either it didn't like the rather nice worsted wool twill from which the vest was being made or decided it needs servicing.  Regardless, I had to use the machine which makes really nice button holes but is really fussy and doesn't make them all the same size, all the time. This lead to much fussing and upset on my part.  The vest is done, and really, nobody can see the button holes when they are buttoned up and on the man! 
I'll admit to having done nothing but sew the past week.  There was just too much to do with fitting and sewing, with lots of handwork on this project too.   Of course now that it's done, I want another one, so that I can have some variety when I get to play in it.

 I can also use this dress when I'm spinning on this great wheel.  I'll still need to make a day cap, apron and possibly a bonnet to fit with the site requirements.  See that little Canadian Production Wheel in the corner?  That's also an awesome wheel upon which to spin.  It spins like a dream and can go way faster than I can draft.  It's a pretty little thing as well.

I can also use it when I get to bake in this wonderful beehive oven.  It's wood fired.  I've gotten to use it a couple of times, both with success.  Once was in the rain no less, but both days were very warm.  I'll be giving it a go again a next weekend, when it's supposed to be cooler, so we'll see how it performs then.

And the luncheon?  It was such fun.  The friends are doing some homesteading the Victorian way  lifestyle changes.  They live a wonderfully simple and rewarding way.  We ate an amazing meal, in beautiful surroundings, with such good manners and conversation. We walked around their property meeting a gazillion kitties, chooks, ducks, sheep and seeing their bountiful gardens and orchard.   It was a delightful way to spend the day.  We already have plans for next year, with a cider making bee, to use their cider presses.

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Sharon said...

I'm really intrigued by that oven. We drove through the back county one day and encountered one of the old ranches with brick ovens. I love to bake bread in the winter, but wouldn't it be great to have an outdoor oven so you could bake it in the summer?!!