Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Quick Update

I'm tired of sewing.  I've been trying to fit and sew this darned thing I'm working on for days now and while it's finally starting to come together, I'm not totally happy with the fit.  This is despite working on fitting it myself with both trial and error and two decent sewing books, a fitting session with a friend who was a professional seamstress, and online help from a dear friend.  I've learned a lot about fitting modern close fitting garments though.   Of course I don't know how much is perfectionist tendencies coming through or how much is just  my first attempt of an 1860's bodice.  The only thing I'm really ticked off at is that I forgot to put the piping in the armscyes.  It was on my sewing steps list and everything.   Now if I could find the second page of my instructions, which tells me what to do next, I'll be all set!

I finally finished the red socks.  That is a relief.  They weren't a ridiculously difficult knit, but they were a bit challenging because they weren't quite no-brainers for knitting.  I had to actually pay attention while I was knitting and that meant dedicated knitting time.  I'm not actually good at setting aside dedicated knitting time as I tend to do it while I'm doing other mindless things like watching a video, checking email or going to meetings. 

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Jennifer W. said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE the red socks. The pattern is great. :)