Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bits and Pieces

Recently I wandered through an antique / flea market.  I found some lovely huge armoirs which I really would have loved to bring home for fibre storage.  Unfortunately, they are all way over  my budget!  Really though, there were a couple which would have held most of my fibre stash, which would have been very convenient.   Instead, I did find a few things which called to me.  These lovely napkins were one of those love at first touch.  The ones wrapped in brown ribbon are so soft, while the others are a set which brings back childhood memories.  They came with "oh my Gosh, you're going to have to iron" warnings! hehehe...

There were several packets of buttons, one white and one black.  The white buttons came home with me.  The little bag is really heavy as the buttons are almost all china, shell/mother of pearl and some bone.  They are fabulous to run through one's fingers.  The pricing was pretty fabulous too, as there were packets of obviously plastic buttons for more money elsewhere.

I did some weaving.  I wove off 3 scarves of wool/silk blend.  They are off the loom, but need their fringes twisted and wet finishing before I photograph them.

Then I cast on a pair of socks in what can only be described as a neon cherry colour.  Yes, I chose that colour myself, because it was the only and I repeat only skein of red sock yarn in the store, other than a rather ugly red and white with a silver metallic ply, which felt rather harsh.  I really wanted just plain red.  I'd hoped for Scheepjes red or even a handdye type semi-solid red, but they have discontinued carrying the first and are a bit too mainstream of a store for the latter.  So, neon cherry yarn came home with me.   I'd never knit with Austermann Step Classic yarn before.  It's supposedly infused with jojoba oil and aloe vera.  It's also somewhat thinner than what is usually available around here.  It's quite nice to knit with.  The colour is officially and creatively called 1004.

I took the past two days off from spinning, in order to weave and freeze corn.  Today I will get back to it as I am suddenly missing it and feeling deprived.  Who knew eh?

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