Saturday, 15 September 2012

Time Flies When You're Scrubbing and Spinning

Talk about time flying!  This week whizzed  past so quickly, I am stunned to realized it's already the weekend.   Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to cleaning and organizing the local Weaver's Guild Studio.  We are very lucky in that we have a dedicated room to host meetings and our equipment.  However it's been set up the exact same for years and this year's new executive decided they wanted to shake things up a bit.  So a few of us volunteered to get together to clean and shake!  On Monday, there were 3 of us plus a 4th who came a week early for a meeting by mistake.  Carol very nicely stayed and while Maureen and Pat started moving the small library from the locked cupboard into an accessible bookcase, Carol and I started sorting yarns.  We have bins upon bins of yarns and a lot of it is great but there was a lot of miscellaneous knitting yarns from mystery donations throughout the years.  Those got bagged to be donated as they really aren't suitable for most of our weaving projects.  I'll admit that Monday late afternoon, when we all headed home, I wondered if we'd get the room finished up the next day.   It was a bit of a mess.

Tuesday afternoon we gathered again, this time Maureen, Pat, Kai and I.  We pushed and pulled, scrubbed and emptied, all under the watchful eye of an old time member who clucked at us as the room had never been shifted so much before and she didn't see the need.  Midway through our work, Kai did up a beautifully presented tray of drinks and cookies for our afternoon pick me up.  It was such a thoughtful and welcome break.   We finished up more quickly than I'd thought and it was only 4 pm when we decided we were done.   Our guild room now  had an accessible library, a cheerful bulletin board which could be read and accessed, looms moved about so that the open area for speakers now had access to the blackboard and the whole place turned to a wonderfully, warm and inviting room!   And like Maureen commented at the end of Tuesday, it was a good thing we were done, 'cause our get up and go, had gone.  It was well worth the effort though.

While I had done a tiny bit of spinning in the mornings, on Wednesday I hunkered down and spun for 5 hours, trying to accomplish something useful.  I tried spinning a beaded novelty yarn.  It is a rather small skein as it takes a fair bit of time to thread the darned beads.  I was trying to put the beads on randomly, but I fear that they are a little too regular for parts of the yarn.  When I got into a plying rhythm, I found myself forgetting about the randomness of the beads!  Still, for the number of hours I've put in spinning this week, it hardly seems like a reasonable result in productivity.   It's pretty though and consistent and so totally something I'd not have thought to use before.  It's like more cobwebs have been shaken out this week, than just those in the guild room.   I think that is a good thing for me!

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