Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Day Hike

I'll bet this arbor is spectacular when it's leafy and green.
My daughter is athletic, to say it mildly.  Her passion for exercise is on par with mine for fibery crafts.  She wanted to go for a jog on Christmas Day but wanted company.  I offered to go for a walk with her instead.  We headed up to the trail on the old rail lines, which is just up the road from the house.  I'd never been there and was very nicely surprised at how pretty it was.   We have no snow  yet (it's supposed to be coming this afternoon), but I was also surprised at the colour palette out there, all beige and brown.  It felt very yellowish to me.  The path was actually muddy in places, with the ground not yet fully frozen. That felt so wrong for the end of December.  Hiking on Christmas Day though, was very enjoyable.  It might be come a new tradition. 
One of the few places where the trees didn't arch over on both sides.
Odd formation on an ancient tree.

Looking out across the fields with a dark, looming sky.   No precip. though, just grey.


Woolly Bits said...

I wish we had walks like this around here! nothing but roads, the farmers don't like people walking in the fields - and who would want to anyway, as muddy as it is just now! we used to go for walks over christmas in germany, but out here it doesn't have the same feel... I have spent today doing a jigsaw, no exercise at all:) still - have a nice time between the years!

Leigh said...

I loved this post. It reminded me that we used to take Christmas day hikes too. I have to say it looks like you had a very chilly walk!