Sunday, 9 December 2012

On the loom again...

 The local guild has an amazing resource of a studio room, packed with looms of various sizes.  Most of these are available for the use of the guild members.  I've not taken advantage of this before because most of the projects in the past were individually organized and they weren't my cup of tea.  However, this year, the project structure has changed and it is member groups putting together projects which are exciting and fun.  They've been playing with shadow weave, plans for huck projects and this rather big experiment - blankets.

  A group of us got together to make blankets on the 60 inch loom.  It was decided to put a neutral warp on and we could use whatever weft we wanted.  I wasn't able to come help with the dressing of the loom, so it was a bit of a guess as to what I should use as warp.  I held up two cones of yarn and hubby said "that one", which is how the green was chosen.  As well, the warp leftovers were in a basket under the loom and I was able to use a bit of the ends to make nice stripes on the blanket.  I think it made it look much more interesting than just the plain green.    I was worried that the blanket right off the loom was a bit too sleazy, but after wet finishing, it is absolutely perfect. 

It must have been interesting watching me throw the shuttle. My arm reach is just barely 60 inches.  There was no fly shuttle, just lots of stretching and leaning.  If you threw the shuttle too quickly it either caught threads, skipped threads or fell through threads.   It took a bit longer to weave off than I'd hoped because of that. 

Kevin's first introduction to a Christmas Tree.
I am thankful for the fringe twister.  I think I spent about 3 hours twisting fringes.  Kevin decided they were toys and it was became an interesting and some what slow process.  All in all though, I'm really happy with this project.  As well, it sure was nice to sit down at a loom again and weave.


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Woolly Bits said...

nice idea to weave like that! and when I see Kevin in the tree, I am rather glad that our visitor cat is gone (she managed to climb up to the top:( and killed several baubles in the process...) and that our dog doesn't have ideas about christmas trees (might be a desaster at her size:)

happy christmas - a bit early:)