Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve photo ops, not...

I wanted to take a photo of the finished mitts, but they're packed up in pretty paper and under the tree.  It would have been an interesting bit , as when I went to block those mitts, like the Grinch's heart, they grew 3 sizes that day.  It took a whirl in the washer to full them up to a useable size.

 I was going to take step by step photos of making a steamed plum pudding but it's steamed, cooled and wrapped up, waiting for tomorrow's dinner and my camera stayed in it's bag the whole time!   Even the rather wonderful gluten free Christmas cake experiment, which turned out awesomely is wrapped up letting the brandy soak in.   I could do a photo montage of what is happening in my mud room right now, but necessary renovations showing the horrors beneath the previous decor doesn't seem to be a suitable post for Christmas Eve.

However, between all the baking, cleaning and dragging the kitten from the tree, I've been spinning.  I can say Happy Christmas to me as I have finally spun some cotton that I've found truly acceptable to my standards.   It's not incredibly delicate, sexy yarn, but it's consistent and I spun it without any issues, while watching The Sound of Music, no less.   I'm over the world happy about it as it's been a bit of a long haul on this one.  Now, can I reproduce the results?
Caught in the act!

Despite the lack of photos of my activities, there is still the sweet Kevin in the tree.  He's stopped climbing it, but any ornaments on the bottom 3rd of the tree are fair game for cat toys.  That mistakenly purchased box of red plastic globe ornaments has come in very handy this year!  Most of the special  and vintage ornaments stayed in their boxes, just to be safe.

Happy Christmas!

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Woolly Bits said...

I distinctly remember the antics our visitor cat enganged in with the christmas trees, so I don't envy you one bit:) I hope Kevin will get used to it - but maybe you should invest in a few more cat-proof decos for the coming years?:) happy christmas to you and your family anyway!