Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Around the garden - Colours of July

I took the big girl camera camera out to play today, to capture a few of the sights around the garden today.

 Black tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Cherry type tomatoes always come on early here.  There is one large tomato already ripening too.   Since the weather has been cool, I mulched around them with black biodegradeable landscape cloth.  I think it has helped a lot, holding in the heat.

 A goldfinch snacking on weeds.   I leave them for this purpose.  I'm glad I got the photo when I did though because hubby weeded them out the other day.

 I was disappointed last year when my hollyhocks didn't come back, but then I realized they are biennials.  If I want them every year, I'll have to plant more seed so they can come back alternating years.

Bergamot monarda, or bee balm.  I finally got this to bloom in the garden, after trying for a couple of years.  It should be easier but the chickens do tend to dig up my garden beds sometimes.  Once the plants are established, it isn't a problem.  I'd like to get some of the pink or purple ones as well, but the red is gorgeous.
I started these back this past February.  They are finally done, thanks to remembering to drag them out with me when we have campfires.  Once I got to the heel, they practically knit themselves.  I'm glad they're done though.   Next pair of socks on the needles will be potato chip socks - that require no brains to knit, so I can drag them around with me and not have to think about the pattern. 

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