Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fibre Road Trip

 The Fibre Garden is always a great place to visit.   I needed a few things to finish up my Master Spinner level 5 homework.  I could have ordered them online, as their mail order is spectacularly good, but a trip there is absolutely always a nice thing.  It's a 125 km trip one way though, so I don't get to do it very often.

They have a great selection of fibres, dyes, specialty items and even yarns.   I needed some hemp, nylon or fake Cashmere, some cotton and bamboo. I also needed a little bit of Merino, but it was a much better deal to purchase a whole pound of it, rather than just 50 grams, that I needed to get the pound.
 As well, I needed some coloured fibres for various novelty yarns and I rarely ever have dyed top or sliver in my stash.  I don't really like dyeing unspun fibres, so I got small amounts of a lot of different shades.  There is actually another green, but it got camera shy and I found it hiding under my desk after I took the photo.

They had just gotten some amazing dyed colourways of bombyx silk.  It was only a couple of dollars more than the solid colours of tussah silk.  I slipped two packets into my shopping basket, though there was an amazing orange/rust silk that I had to seriously consider instead of one of these.  The only one I didn't like, looked like someone had put a clown in a bag of silk.  That one just didn't speak to me.  There is only 50 grams of each and it would probably have been better to get two of one colourway to have enough to actually do something with.  These colour blends are so beautiful though, that that would have been far too practical.  This will at least be a lot of fun to spin.

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