Tuesday, 29 July 2014

This week's conquests

Finally finished this quilt top.  It's only taken 2 years, sheesh.  I can't pride myself on getting that one sewn up in a timely fashion.   It's a pattern called Bento Box and was easy and fun to assemble when I actually sat down to work on it.  Now, can I get it quilted up before Christmas?   I'll have to decide whether I'm going to quilt it on an electric machine or the treadle.  It's a bit smaller than I originally planned as the second border just didn't look right, so I left it off.  I'll use the fabric for the backing instead and the remaining black border fabric for the binding.

Ramie - rainbow dyed sliver.  This was hard to spin.  Every once in a while there was a blobby bit of fibre which wouldn't thin out.  While I was able to just rip off those inches of sliver in some places, others made it into this skein.   It sure won't be one of the bast fibres I'll spin a lot of, that's for sure.  I much prefer flax, hemp and cotton to the Ramie.  

My yearly batch of sweet relish.  This year it was really watery and yep, is orange instead of green/brown as it normally is.  I think I usually don't bother with adding the Tumeric but I did this time.  It's still tasty but took forever to reduce and even so, it's more watery than in past years.   Maybe due to all the rain we've been getting? 
Apricots were at the market last Saturday.   I had enough for one batch of jam, a pie and 5 apricots to eat out of hand, from a 3 litre basket.   I got almost 7 cups of jam from this batch, but since I'd only prepared 6 jars, that last jar ended up in the fridge for immediate use.  I don't really mind mis-planning when it works out that way.  It's pretty yummy jam.  I really can't decide whether Apricot, Peach or Currant jam is my favourite.  I think it depends on what I'm eating at the time.

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Leigh said...

The quilt is stunning! And I love seeing others canning projects. I'm just getting started on tomato sauce here.