Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A spinning exercise

Trying again since I managed to do a whole blog update and forgot to save it.  I got distracted by Maple Syrup.

First, take a photo of some sort of interesting outdoor scene.   I had to go outside at dusk to get the lighting right for this one.  It did take a few tries to get the drip just right.

 Define the colours in the photo, find suitable fibres and blend them into batts.  I used the drum carder for this.

 Spin the batts into singles on two bobbins.  

 Hunt through the bead stash to find the clear glass beads.  I really thought the dark amber beads would look nice but to look like the photo, I needed clear ones.  These are dollar store glass beads because there is no bead store within an hour drive of here.  They are not horribly uniform in shape, but they work nicely and it isn't noticeable.  I used a dental floss tool designed for braces for threading the beads onto the single.  

Ply the two singles together, dropping a bead off at fairly regular intervals.  I kept them fairly far apart as the sap was dripping rather slowly at the time.   Okay, I'd have kept them fairly far apart anyway as I prefer yarns like this to have less frequent beads.  I think it looks classier when knitted up into something, rather than heavy with frequent beads.

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