Saturday, 7 March 2015

Peep Tradition and squishy, fat yarn!

My annual tradition of hot chocolate with Peeps!  However there are no pink bunny peeps to be found anywhere in town this year, so I must make do with yellow chicks.  For some reason, pink bunnies are just so much tastier.  I think it is the pink part. 

The hot chocolate is actually dark chocolate almond milk, which is a gazillion times superior to just regular hot chocolate.  Smooth, thick, chocolatey, almondy and creamy, with no dairy.  What is not to like? 

Most of my homework skeins are finished up.  There are a few I'm redoing because  it was too early in the healing process and they show a bit too much distraction.  However, I am really happy with this skein.  It is 1 tpi, or 1 twist per inch.  For scale, every two twists in the yarn equals about 1 inch in real life.   It is fat, fluffy, squishy and such a huge departure from my spinning norm of worsted or semi-worsted fine yarns for weaving.  Now to do the last couple of skeins, mount everything and figure out what my final project will be.

The weather has shifted and the temperatures are supposed to rise above freezing this week.  They will be perfect temperatures for the Maple sap to start running.  We will be setting the spiles this weekend.  Last year I did the job by myself.  It was really quite enjoyable, drilling and tapping the spiles into the trees and then hanging the buckets.  However this year I get to watch from the window as I'm not allowed outside to play until the snow melts.  At least I should be allowed to play in the dirt once it's time to turn the soil and plant some seeds.  

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