Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sneaking outside to play

We've had a couple of days of lovely, mild weather.  I am getting tired of being cooped up inside, unable to wander around even in my gardens and yard.  However, with all this mild weather, the snow in the front is starting to melt.   I love the snow this time of year, all dirty, grungy and heralding in the spring.   Since the shoulders of the road are clear of snow and ice, albeit muddy and the driveway is almost that way, I grabbed my big girl camera and slipped outside for a few minutes.   Oh it was wonderful, even if I really only walked back and forth along the driveway a couple of lengths. 

The sky is a glorious blue to the north.  Right at the centre top of this photo, is a wasps nest which survived the winds and snows of this winter.   The buds on the trees are starting to swell.  We probably won't have leaves until May, but this is a sure sign that spring is on the way.

Hubby set the spiles on the weekend and the sap is running.   This tree is huge and could easily hold 4 or 5 pails, although we have only 2 on it right now.  The sap on the south side of the tree is flowing freely.  The rest of the spiles have just started dripping while we've had to empty this bucket already and have 2 gallons of sap already for this weekend, when we will start boiling.   Or the guys will start.  I just get to watch from the window apparently, because there is too much snow for my hip in the back!   (grump, grump)   

Sometimes it pays to look down.   This pretty little round stone was sitting right by the front door.  It's smooth, round and unlike any of the gravel bits on the driveway.  I think it must have been dug up when the boys filled in the hole in the foundation or from when my son dug up the ancient, overgrown shrubs from the rest of the flower beds.  I find it amazing that it didn't get lost in the gravel, buried in garden dirt, hidden under leaves or sent forth by a lawnmower.

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