Thursday, 7 January 2016

Huck Towels 2 update

These are the new huck towels.  I like the way the blue really shows up.  While the mossy green/khaki was nice and neutral, it wasn't really pretty or happy looking.

I had a guild meeting last night and had hoped to have them finished for show and tell.   Mid afternoon, I decided that if I cut the woven towels, I would have enough time to wash, dry and hem at least one.
Right - who was I kidding?
First, I realized I had to finish weaving off the 3rd towel.   I was only about 1/4 done, so that took a good few minutes.   Then I put in my separator threads.  Those are the red threads that show me where one towel ends and the next begins.   I then wove about an inch of tabby, put in a lease stick, switched sheds and put in another lease stick.  Finally I wove another inch of tabby.
I took the scissors and cut along that dividing line.   The first time I did this, I held my breath and couldn't believe I was doing it.  However, it does work well and now that I've done it a few times, it is much easier to cut through that project on the loom.

Then I folded the two lease sticks together, and tied them onto the apron rod.  I used four ties for the towels.  I think 3 might have been enough, but my apron rod is wood and I worry about it flexing, so more are better to keep the pressure from the ties equal.

I then wove a couple of inches extra before I started the next towel, just to make sure that the tension was still right.   The only problem I had was that I broke a thread on the far side, when an unnoticed knot hit the reed.   I quickly fixed that and kept on weaving.

Huck tea towels washed, dried,  ready to be hemmed and pressed
I tried to zigzag the cut ends of the towels and on either side of the project dividing threads, but imagine my horror when my only electric machine with a zig zag didn't respond to the foot control, which may or may not have gotten wet when the washer overflowed.

Luckily DH was home from work and after he finished whatever he was working on, he took apart my foot pedal, fixed it and reassembled it.   I was able to do the zigzag stitching.  I tossed the towels in the washer, then in the dryer and about 2 minutes before I had to leave for the guild meeting, the dryer buzzed to say they were done.   No way I could press them and hem them in that time.   However, I will have lovely show and tell for next month.   I am really happy with these.

Now to finish the rest of the towels and get the cotton scarf woven for the shiboi workshop later this month.

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Woolly Bits said...

despite your troubles the towels look pretty, very fresh and clean! and I quite often fall into the trap of "if I hurry up a bit, I can finish this or that!:) proven just yesterday, when I knitted for hours, only to find that putting a zip into a toddler's vest is not a brilliant idea - after two in the morning:) now another gift is going to be a bit late, but I do need some sleep here and there - so it can't be helped! I think the vest is large enough to still fit if it goes into the mail a few days later:) and I console myself with the fact that, even if I had finished it - it wouldn't have arrived in time for the birthday tomorrow anyway. which wasn't my fault, because I couldn't get a dividable zipper here anyway:) (yes, I know, a feeble excuse - but true!)