Sunday, 24 January 2016

Wintery things

It was sunny yesterday.  It was cold too, but the sun shone and the sky was blue.   During the winter we get an awful lot of white and grey skies.  After day after day where the ground was white, the roads were white and the skies were white, the blue sky was so very welcome.

A good sized bird brushed it's wings against the fresh snow, leaving an image as if it had been trying to make a snow angel.   It was big enough to have been at least a BlueJay or maybe even a crow .

The girls came out to play in the sunshine.  They didn't all keep to the trodden paths I've made doing chores.  Some waded through the snow to get to other parts of the yard.   I wish I had a photo of 4 of them sitting on the top edge of the chicken wire garden fence, and the Bedstraw stalks which have intertwined amongst the strands of the chicken wire.   They were sunning their backsides!

  The sky was a glorious shade of blue.  Not that pale, watery winter blue that we usually get.  This was a blue that gives hope that spring will soon arrive.  

Hunkering down inside during the most recent blustery weather, it was too cool in my work areas to finish up my in-depth study, so instead, I set my wheel up near the woodstove and played with some of the fibre I've been washing up.
 Three bobbins of playing around with the longdraw produced 360 yards of 2 ply yarn.   I will just keep spinning until I have enough for a project; a major project.   Maybe this will become a sweater or at the very least hat and mitts. Last year I had 3 pair of mitts in rotation. They were a) a fairly sturdy yarn pair (not all soft and yummy) which held up well for barn chores, b) a somewhat softer probably Shetland pair, which were comfortable for every day use and c) a Merino/Alpaca pair which were sooooo soft and sooooo yummy and which I can totally remember the exact day that I lost one of them late last winter.   However, I still had 2 working pair of mitts at home, so it wasn't an issue, other than I lost one of a lovely pair of mitts.

  Fast forward to this winter when I can find 3 mittens, none of which has a mate.   There is one barn mitten, one medium soft mitten and one Merino/Alpaca blend and only the last one should really be mateless.   At least they are all white, so despite having different ribbing patterns, they all sort of look like they should go together.

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