Tuesday, 19 January 2016


 My husband has discovered Dr. Who videos.   Because this year's hockey schedule has been weird - lots of back to back games, so 2 in a row and nothing in between, not even Habs, Ducks (my son's favourite team)  or any other team, just nothing to listen to at all.   So instead of listening to games on the radio, the man has been playing Dr. Who videos.   Season 1 of the latest incarnation of the serial, had me finish the last sleeve, assemble and stitch the button band.   That button band took  4 episodes alone!   I have a number of suitable buttons, but in numbers of less than 5 and I need 5 buttons.  They will have to wait until I get to town and that won't be until this stupid snow and wind let up.   We've had squalls and wind and more squalls and wind.  Despite having had what seems like only 7 days of real winter, I am already tired of it :)
(I love the sweater - it is warm, comfortable and looks half decent!  All wins the the scheme of things)
I had a vendor packet made up with applications, welcome letter, map etc for the spring conference the guild is hosting.   I was arguing with the cat, who has been very clinging of late and instead of saving it, I hit the wrong button and cancelled, shut things down and lost it all.   I've been procrastinating rebuilding the darned thing this morning and instead have been washing fleece.   This is still the rest of the 14 lb in depth study fleece.   I've been spinning up the washed fleece leftover from the study and realized that the large bin that I've used for storage of the washed locks, is only half full now.    I started of washing it with packets of single locks, but this last batch has been bulk fibre, loose in lingerie bags, just to speed things up.   I won't get the same retention of lock structure, but since I am carding it into rolags and spinning it with a long draw, it won't matter to the fibre preparation.   It will dry quite quickly because I've commandeered the space in front of the woodstove, for my drying rack.


suzibee said...

HI Nina. It has been a long time since we have been in touch. Have to say I really like your sweater. The fleece - you'll have it finished very soon I'm sure.

Woolly Bits said...

no fleece washing here, I just can't be bothered to diddle around in water more than I have to at this time of the year:) a lot of knitting though - luckily there's enough yarn for all kinds of projects without spinning more! I do like your cardie - it looks very classy with this "camel" colour! buttons are a constant problem here as well though - either I have to order online or I have to wait until I can get to galway... and usually the buttons I like the best cost a small fortune:( with kids' clothes I started to make my own, but fimo or crocheted ones just don't look right for adult stuff. and DH is a fan of startrek - which is repeated on tv a lot:)