Sunday, 24 April 2016

Colours of Spring

 The daffodils are starting to bloom.   The bi-colours and whites bloom a bit later, but these yellows are a beautiful burst of needed colour.

 The hyacinths are bright and cheerful, with an amazing scent.  They start their pretty show  even before the daffodils.
The light pink hyacinths are showing a bit of frost damage, but they are still gorgeous.

Pretty bright green new leaves starting to push forth on the currant bushes.  The lilacs and maple trees will be following soon I hope.

 The Siberian irises bloom very early.  They come shortly after the crocuses and are gone before the daffodils and hyacinths are even thinking about blooming.

The blue scillia carpets the ground and flower beds.  For such tiny flowers, they are a significant source of spring colour.

The never ending job of splitting wood.  This is the rest of a load of large pieces which needed a more macho log splitter than we had.   The axes, mallets and wedges, nor the chainsaw made a dent in those huge chunks, but a 25 ton hydraulic splitter took care of the job in just a few hours.   Despite the mechanical help, there were a couple of tired guys after a weekend of splitting.   They've stacked up almost 3 face cords from this pile already.

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bspinner said...

Very pretty picktures of spring.