Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Spinning, Spring and silly Kevin

 This was the weather just a couple of days ago.  It was frigidly cold, windy and snowy.   What a difference two days can make.   Today, the snow is all gone.  The ground is thawing once again and Kevin is enjoying an afternoon in a sunspot, by his favourite window.

With all that blustery, nasty, not so spring weather, I spent a lot of time at the spinning wheel.   I finished spinning up almost 100 gm of the purple, plied it and wet finished it.    It really does look nice with that green.     I didn't enjoy spinning the purple as much as I did the green.  There were a lot of neps and scrappy bits which slowed things down and made for more inconsistencies that I'd like.  However, the mill ends were  $8 for a very generous pound, so I'm not really complaining.  The price was right and the colours are quite lovely. 

 I was playing with the blending board yesterday.  I am teaching a friend to spin and we were talking about different ways to blend fibre, since that is important to her.  We played with wool hackles, hand cards and the blending board. This is mainly Ashford Corriedale, with a bit of sparkly nylon stuff in it.  I used 2 shades of pink, 2 shades of blue and blue "sparkle on", which is the reflective, nylon fibre that Fibre Garden sells.    You can get it in a big packet of white and it takes dye beautifully, so I often just pop a bit in when I have a dye pot going.  However, they have a few really great colours that are easier to purchase than to do myself.

We were out shopping the other day, having a hard time finding a pair of boots with the particular features I was looking for.  I mentioned to DH that perhaps Fibre Garden had what I was looking for.  He didn't fall for that trick though.  He is a smart guy, obviously.  In general, I dislike shopping.  A trip to Fibre Garden is never amiss, although it always costs dearly.

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Bettina said...

nice "zing" colours:) I am looking forward to pix of the green and purple worked up together! and I should really take out my blending board as well - the bag with fibres to mix has been hogging the corner for weeks:( new dog = little fibre time; I have to work on that!:)