Thursday, 7 April 2016

More Random Bits

 There was an old woodstove in the basement when we moved in.   It wasn't air tight and it had obviously been sitting there for a while.   A bit of research showed it was an Australian stove of all things.   When the guys were clearing out all the junk that had been left behind by the previous owner, they found out that the stove went together with pins and was easily disassembled.   We only did one sap boil this year, just to say we did and the old stove ended up becoming the wind block around the fire pit.  It speeded up the boiling and you could open the door at the front or side to add wood!   We only got 4 1/2 cups of syrup this year.  Not bad though for collecting 4 pails of sap over 2 days.

One of the spring storms just before the ice storm.  We had a lovely sunny day and then we watched the storm clouds roll in.   I really would like a few days of sunshine now.  At least the last batch of snow pretty much melted today.  Yesterday looked like the middle of winter outside.

This is the new stove in the Misener house at Westfield Heritage Village.  It not only is a handsome appliance but it works like a charm.   It was made in Brantford, Ont, so was made locally.  How could one not enjoy cooking at a stove called the  Happy Thoughts Range?

I was giving a spinning lesson the other day and I had helper kitties or snoopervisors if you'd rather...  Kevin on the left and Cat on the right, just parked themselves like bookends in my pile of fibres.

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