Sunday, 10 July 2016

First Rug

Whenever I planned projects and thought about what I wanted to weave, rugs were never part of the thought process.  I had no interest in weaving rugs.  We've had several guild meetings where rugs were the topic of the evening and still, none of it inspired me at all.  Then for some reason, it all clicked.  The July meeting had rugs as a topic and suddenly, making rugs got added to my summer project list.  

I had 1 little tube of black 4/8 cotton, suitable for a rug warp, picked up in some odd batch of yarns when I first began weaving.  I wound off enough for a 24 inch wide rug, which left only a little left on the tube for weaving a facing on the ends.    It's a simple tabby, sett at 6, because it seemed easier to keep the warp consistent on a 12 dent reed, that sett at 8, which was what I had planned at first.   

I was going to use the green duvet cover, which I don't like.   I've used it every winter and this spring when I changed to my summer duvet cover, that the green makes my tiny bedroom look even darker and smaller than it is.    Since the green duvet cover cost me $8 at a thrift store, it owes me nothing - it is 12 years old, but the darned thing won't wear out!   I decided that I would keep the summer cover on all year and cut the green cover up  for a rug.

However, it also dawned on me that if I didn't like the green as a duvet cover, I may not like it as a rug.  Sooooo, I took my guest room duvet cover, which I do like, but doesn't fit at all in this cottage and before I could decide not to, I cut it into strips.

With the black warp, it looks awesome. 

It is a little fussy to weave since I'm folding the fabric strips as I weave, but if I could just sit down and weave without distractions, it wouldn't take long at all.

However, hubby is on holidays - and distractions are just  happening all over the place.

Christiana's Kevin Update

Papa was late getting home from work the other day and Kevin was not impressed.  He commandeered my loom to use as a vantage point, for waiting for his papa to get home.   He sat there for ages, until the truck finally drove into the driveway, when he ran to wait at the door like a little puppy.

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